Association Management

The modification of Law 27/2014 of November 27, including as taxpayers of Corporate Tax “legal entities, excluding civil companies that do not have a commercial purpose”, has caused Associations, Foundations, AMPAS, Brotherhoods and other similar groups, Whether they are for-profit or not, they face greater control from a tax point of view, as well as accounting obligations to comply with.

At CABRERA CUESTA LOMBARDIA, always motivated to provide a quality service and be up to date, we have reinforced our training with specialized courses in Association Management in order to be able to satisfy the needs of clients who are affected by this new legal framework.

Already having experience in Association Management at the fiscal-accounting-labor level, application of law 49/2002 and initiation of the process of declaration of a “public utility” entity, among others, if your entity is affected by these changes, contact us your doubts with us.