Cabrera Cuesta Lombardía works seeing how his experience makes life easier for others.

Adriana Cabrera. Graduated in business administration and management, with a master’s degree in Tax Consulting from the College of Economists of Asturias and approved by the REAF (Registry of Tax Advisory Economists of the General Council of Economists of Spain) and the Isabel I University, she began working in 2009 carrying out the 2008/2009 Income campaign in the Avilés Treasury Delegation. That same year, she began her work experience as a tax-accounting advisor in a consultancy in Avilés, moving on to provide her services in Langreo in 2014. Self-employed since 2016, she is now in charge of the Avilés office.

His professional side also invests in the common good, collaborating in social-community development. He is a person committed to social work in a Cáritas team, where he accompanies families in vulnerable situations and is part of the administrative team.

It was 2015 when Adriana, Elvira and Norberto met while providing their services in a consultancy. Their three personalities and professional knowledge fit together perfectly from the first moment and soon formed a solid team, based on respect, collaboration and mutual support, which generated a friendship.

Thus, they established their own office in Langreo in 2017, standing out with their closeness to the client and their awareness of the responsibility behind each management carried out. As a result of this work, in 2020 they opened an office in Avilés. Currently, both offices provide their services following the policy of quality and good service to their clients with which they began their journey.

Norberto Cuesta. Graduated in Law, he began his career by doing an internship to practice as a lawyer, a profession that he would never carry out, since the world of accounting hooked him, leading him to train in the field and establishing his first consulting office in Langreo for companies and individuals. After forming CCL advisors, he is in charge of the Langreo office.

In addition to his work, Norberto, interested in the revitalization of the social and cultural life of the Nalón Region, is currently president of the La Montera Culture Society from which different cultural, sports and recreational activities are organized.

Elvira Lombardía. Graduated in Law, she received professional training in the consultancy of a union. She went into private business when she joined the Cuesta team, qualifying as a property administrator. Currently he is in charge of coordinating offices and administrative procedures.

Under her professional disguise, her connection to the literary world is hidden: an inventor of stories and universes, which have led her to receive several awards in different competitions. A passion and a disconnection that allows him to transmit and connect with others like few others.